Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pharma meds working

Pharma stocks are finding traction in the current market. Some are hitting 52-week highs, including Immunogen Inc. (NASDAQ:IMGN). The stock advanced to $7.19 this morning before dropping back to $7. IMGN was a Stock Trends Pick of the Week selection February 6 after its breakout to $5.06. Another pharma stock hitting a high today is SXC Health Solutions (NASDAQ:SXCI). It was a Stock Trends Bullish Crossover on January 9 at $17.50 as its secondary trend line started to improve. The stock hit $22 in early trading this morning. Meanwhile, Myriad Genetics (NASDAQ:MYGN) also hit a new high ($46.74) today, a day in which the stock was split 2:1.  The stock has been Stock Trends Bullish since its Bullish Crossover last summer. It was a Stock Trends Pick at $26.44 (post-split).

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