Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Boeing, Boing!

After two relatively short months in the Stock Trends bear pit Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) joyously returns to a ST Bullish trend. The Bullish Crossover (13-week moving average has moved above the 40-week moving average) makes BA a Stock Trends short-listed stock. BA's previous bull trend expired after an impressive 168-week run that commenced in the summer of 2003.
Things have picked up nicely again. Of Dow Industrial stocks, only Dupont (NYSE:DD) has performed better over the past three months. BA was a Stock Trends Pick of the Week selection on November 10 at $85.62, and remains a selection this week with its Bullish Crossover. The stock reached a high of $92.05 last week, but retreated a bit early this week. Today's close was $87.94.
Boeing's ST Report: