Sunday, May 10, 2009

A new day for Ford

Thank goodness for the Detroit Red Wings. Without the hopes and excitement of another Stanley Cup playoff run, the denizens of this city must be dark and desperate. Bankruptcy and unemployment. Now the government and the unions are left holding an empty bag. But wait….a glimmer of hope! Ford Motors (NYSE:F) is now a Stock Trends Bullish stock. Its Bullish Crossover ends 84-weeks in the Stock Trends doghouse.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Beyond the Bull

A colleague of mine, Ken Norquay of Castlemoore Inc., has published a new book – Beyond the Bull.  Available at Amazon.


Synopsis of Beyond The Bull

The old stock market is dead. What worked in the 1980s and 1990s hasn’t worked in the new century. You don’t believe me? Check the 10-year rate of return on your equity mutual funds. What went wrong?

Old Paradigm: clients have financial needs. The industry has licensed salesmen to sell to those needs. Banks, mutual fund corporations, brokerage firms and insurance companies have financial products to sell to those clients. It’s a salesman’s world. It’s all about telling customers what they should buy and shy they should buy it.

New Paradigm: it’s financial war. There are winners and losers. Win, don’t lose.

Beyond the Bull helps modern investors understand the truth about modern stock markets. Ken Norquay, a 33-year veteran of the financial wars, applies ancient wisdom to modern financial markets. The “salesmen” aspect of the stock markets clouds the reality of modern finance; sugar coated reality exposes investors to unnecessary financial risk. Beyond the Bull will help investors see through the bullmanship.

But let’s not blame the salesmen. Beyond the Bull wants you to look at yourself first. It’s your money that’s at risk. Are you your own worst enemy in the financial wars? Is there a gap between the reality of today’s markets and what you think about today’s markets?

This is not a time for despair and inaction. Beyond The Bull will help its readers adjust their financial thinking to suit the reality of today’s financial markets.


1. The dominant figure in the stock market is the salesman. The salesman’s art is persuasive bullmanship. In the salesman’s world, everyone wins.

2. But the stock market is more like military combat:

-Luck counts.

-Deception is a key feature of the stock market.

-It is complex, not simple.

3. Because our human nature is to seek pleasure and avoid pain, we can be our own worst enemy in the stock market.

4. The ‘Theory of Contrary Opinion’ illustrates why most investors lose money over the long term. We explain this in detail.

5. Beyond the Bull [BTB] explains in detail how to succeed in investing by understanding our own primitive brain functions and learning to think objectively.

6. BTB introduces a new paradigm of objective thinking about the markets and deal with the salesman’s bullmanship.

7. In financial combat, there are five key spheres we must master in order to be winners. BTB reviews these five things in detail and encourages readers to take more responsibility for their own financial fortunes.

Profits in a bottle

A number of bottlers are popping. Cott Corp. (TSX:BCB) has moved aggressively off its bottom in the past couple of weeks and jumped another 41% this morning. The stock turned Stock Trends Weak Bearish after its move to the $1.91 close on April 17. It now trades at $3.40.

Also joining Cott in shifting sentiment for the industry is Pepsi Bottling Group (NYSE:PBG), PepsiAmericas (NYSE:PAS), and Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE:CCE) – all current Stock Trends Picks of the Week selections.