Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stock Trends has ear to the ground

The Stock Trends TSX Portfolio trading strategy is market driven. When the market moves toward a broad bullish trend the portfolio is active with new buys. Periods of activity reflect the general bullish sentiment. Tides are rising.

Stock Trends followers are well aware, though, that the mechanical trading system has been largely dormant since the first quarter of 2007. Although the TSX stretched toward new highs into the summer and rallied after the August correction, the trend landscape for the Stock Trends trading system has been unfavourable. Currently, only 30% of TSX stocks are Bullish. The market's volatility over the period since the ST Portfolio downshifted has generated profits for some trading systems, but the S&P/TSX Composite Index 6% advance since Q1 has not been without considerable risk. The cash position of the Stock Trends TSX Portfolio reflects the prudent steps of a trader with an ear to the ground.

Stock Trends TSX Portfolio trading history (1993-present):
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