Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stock Trends Slots game!

There is a new Stock Trends learning application installed on the Stock Trends website - a slots game! The Stock Trends Slots game engages users by generating random sets of stocks and matching combinations of their Stock Trends indicators. These matching combinations score points based on the probabilities of the match. Every week a new set of Stock Trends indicators reflect the changing stock market, so the game’s probabilities and rewards change with the distribution of the indicators.

Investors might wonder how a random outcome game applies to the markets. But there are aspects of skill in the game that come with the premium functions subscribers to Stock Trends Weekly Reporter may access. The ability to lock game rows allows users to improve the probabilities of making a match without a corresponding reduction in reward. That means a skillful player who understands the distribution of trend and price momentum indicators in a current market can achieve higher scores.

Each spin of the game creates a random portfolio of five (5) stocks and/or ETFs. This is a useful application of random portfolio generation that also makes for an interesting stock market game. These random portfolios - generated by the Stock Trends Slots game play - can be entered into the Stock Trends Investor Challenge, a weekly stock market competition to see which portfolio has the best return after 4-weeks of actual market activity.

This stock market game helps illustrate how random portfolios perform relative to the market benchmarks. Users have some degree of skills-based intervention in the Stock Trends Investor Challenge as they can either choose to enter their slots game portfolio, or not. The Stock Trends indicators help give guidance on that decision, just as they do for actual stock market analysis.

Give it a try!

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