Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Launch of Stock Trends Traders Network

In an effort to create a more integrated investor community, Stocktrends Publications would like to invite you to join Stock Trends Traders Network, a social networking site open to investors who use trend analysis in their trading decisions. Like other popular networking sites Stock Trends Traders Network allows users to communicate about shared interests. The site will offer you an opportunity to share your investment perspectives with other users. Member forums and groups allow for users to engage and interact with other community members, including Stock Trends Analyst, Skot Kortje. Other features include blogging, as well as photo and video uploads, which can be used to share investment-related media. We hope that Stock Trends followers and other investors interested in joining this new community will accept this invitation and be among the first to join. A successful Stock Trends Traders Network requires active involvement from its users.

To join Stock Trends Traders Network click on the following link:
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