Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bullish sentiment still in place

Stock Trends barometer of investor sentiment remains bullish. Although the general tone of the marketplace seems tentative, with analysts split on the prognosis for stocks in 2006, the current trend situation is favourable. The Stock Trends Bull/Bear Ratio measures the aggregate distribution of stocks with Stock Trend indicators. These indicators switch between Bullish and Bearish when the secondary trend line and the primary trend line of individual stocks (and indices) intersect. A Bullish stock has its 13-week average price above its 40-week average price. Conversely, a Bearish stock has its 13-week average price below its 40-week average price. More recent price movement dictates the trend indicator.

Currently, the Stock Trends Bull/Bear Ratio for North American markets remains strong:

Bull/Bear Ratio
TSX 1.84
NYSE 1.50
AMEX 1.83

See: http://www.stocktrends.ca/?page=stbvb&x=T
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